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About Us

Healing Artistry places importance on mental health and wellbeing, focusing on the body and mind. We introduce concepts, enhance awareness, foster interest and offer guidance to groups and organisations to recognise the urgency of addressing diversity and inclusion to maintain healthy minds and wellbeing. In our daily interactions, programmes, and operations we promote equity and endeavour to intercept any discriminative patterns and behaviours to promote and enhance mental health.

Dr. Williams, the founder and director of Healing Artistry set up this company as a result of her own lived experiences mental health issues, racism, discrimination and lack of belonging. Dr. Williams is a transformational speaker who promotes diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. She believes in authenticity and vulnerability. Using aspects of her own lived experiences, not only helps normalise many peoples lived experiences, it has helped empower and motive employees to take the necessary steps in making changes to their lives.

Our Goals


To support, advise, empower, and transform individuals, groups, and organisations to increase mental health and wellbeing.


Being part of an equitable society that promotes unity, togetherness, belonging and joy, free from oppression and discrimination, promoting fairness and justice for all people.

Core Values

Valuing the voices, talents, and intellect of underrepresented groups; people of colour, people with disabilities and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual

Working towards a better future

Healing Artistry is a limited company that makes profit, and therefore will donate twenty percent of our profit to charities who demonstrate or are working towards building racial equity within their organisation.

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