Mental health and diversity are closely linked in terms of the psychological impact on especially underrepresented groups such as, people of colour and LGBTQIA community. Many experiences discrimination, microaggressions, racism, racial gaslighting, unconscious bias and other stressors that impacts people’s mental health leaving people feeling unsafe in the workplace.

What is Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity demonstrates an awareness and understanding of what differentiates groups and people from one another. For example, the demographics of the workplace, such as race, cultural background, gender, age, education, class, disability, and sexual orientation. Inclusion is about belonging and fostering an organisational culture that allows diversity to flourish.


Why is diversity and inclusion important in the workplace?

Everyone, irrespective of one’s race, culture, spirituality, ability, disability, class, education, gender, and sexual orientation should be treated with fairness and respect. Diversity and inclusion in the workplace encourage fairness, respect, and equity. It increases employee’s morale, sense of belonging, a feeling of safety and the ability to build trust in the workplace. In return, employees may feel empowered, driven, effective, psychologically minded, and organisations increase productivity and efficiency.

why is diversity and inclusion important

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Healing Artistry Network consists of artists with diverse disciplines such as counselors/psychotherapists, mentors/coaches, and educators who all focus on promoting and improving emotional healing and racial equity.

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Racial Equity Training

We provide bespoke in-house training programmes to organisations taking the next step to redress structural racial inequalities in the workplace. Our aim is to assess and examine organisational structures, policies, and procedures with the view to implement changes and reflect an environment that promotes fairness and justice for all people.

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