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A review of the latest event: Power, Freedom and Control, 26th October, 2022

This webinar, which focused on the themes of power, freedom and control to coincide with Black History Month, was extremely thought provoking and moving. Dr Williams gave a very personal experience of dealing with prejudices and racism. The emotions associated with these experiences were clearly still raw and this made her story all the more powerful. It was clear from the comments made by delegates that Dr. Williams account resonated strongly with their own experiences and there was a real sense of the benefit of being able to share each other's stories in this forum...

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Facilitated by Dr. Yvonne Williams



Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Fee:   £1000
Thursday 5th January 2023  
Thursday 12th January 2023
Thursday 19th January 2023
Thursday 26th January 2023
Thursday 2nd February 2023
Thursday 9th February 2023
One follow up individual session TBA

Hosted on zoom

“The body is where we live. From the body’s viewpoint, safety and danger are neither situational nor based on cognitive feelings. Rather, they are physical, visceral sensations. The body either has a sense of safety or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, it will do almost anything to establish or recover that sense of safety” (Menakem, 2017).

Course Overview

This course is targeted at people from the BIPOC communities who have experienced emotional injury due to racism, discrimination, micro-aggression, or racial gaslighting etc. in white dominated places. After researching into the psychological impact of systemic racisms, I have been sharing my knowledge and research with clients who have come to counselling or attended workshops who have expressed difficulties navigating themselves in white dominated workplaces. For this reason, I devised this six-week course which will provide an awareness and understanding of the psychological impact of living with systemic racism, providing coping strategies and techniques useful for safeguarding our bodies from further psychological distress.

The Course will address:
  • Race based trauma: identifying and treatment
  • Post traumatic Slavery Syndrome: identifying intergenerational trauma and the impact living in a white supremacy culture.
  • Lived experiences of racism: lived space (lived spatiality), Lived body, (corporeality), lived time (temporality) and lived other (relationality)
  • How to safeguard our bodies in white spaces
  • How to regain power and control in situations where we feel powerless and lack control
  • How to address racial equity in the workspace.
Attendees will:
  • Share experiences of racism, discrimination, microaggressions, racial gaslighting etc. and reflect on how it impacts our body and mind.
  • Identify barriers that prevent open and honest dialogues about racism and discrimination within the workplace.
  • Create strategies to manage emotional injury and safeguarding our bodies.
  • Begin laying the groundwork for racial equity practices.

How to register: Send an email to info@healingartistry.com or complete the form found in the “Contact Us” section of our website.
Please note: There are a maximum of 10 Places per session, so don’t delay your booking.

Booking conditions: We regret that refunds cannot be given unless we are notified in writing 14 days prior to the event, 50% of the fee will be refunded if this requirement is met.

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Healing Artistry Network consists of artists with diverse disciplines such as counselors/psychotherapists, mentors/coaches, and educators who all focus on promoting and improving emotional healing and racial equity.

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